Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Images from Dylon's MRI

I find these images of Dylon's MRI pretty interesting. We finally recieved the images today and I have been debating on posting them on here or not but I don't see what it could hurt. The images show the significant narrowing in his aorta and the unattached subclavian artery to his left arm. It's just amazing how special this little man's heart is. Today we had an interview with a local newspaper Andalusia Star News and they interviewed me and Dylon at the park. The reporter asked Dylon a few questions and took some photo's and videos of him. At one point she asked him, "so tell me about your heart" and Dylon replied "I have a special heart, God made my heart special." It took all I could not to just start crying. What an Awesome kid and what a MIGHTY GOD.
He will be in the paper tomorrow so check it out.
We are still taking donations and have been recieving some too. Thank you to Mrs. Nesmith who drove 2 hours to meet me and my family to give us a bunch of really nice things for the yard sale. It was so nice to meet you...I took a pic of us and the loaded down van with my phone and have no idea how to upload it onto the computer...sorry.
I am still waiting to get the write up from the Caridologist and hope to get that this week too!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My buisy Week and Plans for the weekend

This week has been a crazy, successful and relaxing week. I have been really crazely buisy with Dylon's yard sale and gathering up items for it. We almost filled a 10x20 storage unit and hope to fill another one by the time the yard sale(May 9) gets here. Some of my good friends, so good I call them family did most of the filling of that storage unit. Thank you Jen, and Mrs. Susan for donating all of that wonderful stuff. The stuff consisted of 2 airhockey tables, antiques, pots and pans, 2 day beds one with a trundel, bicylcles, strollers, lamps, toys, clothes and a whole bunch more that I am leaving out on purpose to lure people to the yard sale ;)

Tuesday morning I went around town and handed out flyers to some people I had promised to bring one to... and WAAO 103.7 f.m. was one of the locations. They are a local radio station that also broadcasts live on AndyTv cable Channel 12. I was just going in to drop off the flyers. Ok so picture this I had just dropped my 3 1/2 yr old twins off at of course I hadn't brushed my hair and I had barely remembered to brush my teeth, left over makeup from like two days ago and I was feeling pretty tired... when one of the radio spokesman Blaine Wilson waved me to come into the studio (which was live at that time) I tried to convince him differently but you can only do so much with hand gestures. So I joined him and Joann Jones and we talked about Dylon and his yard sale oh Laeton Reid is sitting in my lap too. The reason they had really wanted me on there was to announce that WAAO is going live from the yard sale. I am so excited and so thankful that they are doing this, we (Joann Jones) is also going to be selling her famous pound cake and we are planning on grilling too. The only downfall to going live is that the yard sale will need to be indoors, so we have decided to move the yardsale to The Old Farmers Market which is located by the train station in town. I am so excited about all of this.

Oh I also went down to Destin, FL for the day with my Cousins Mandi , John and his girlfriend Allyson. We stayed on the beach for a couple of hours and then went to the Destin Commons. My only need there was a doctor outfit from build-a bear workshop for Dylon's doggy that he made last year. Not only did we find it, but it also included a little x-ray that had a heart on it, it was perfect. We also got Houston's turtle an Atlanta Braves uniform...I'm one of those moms were if you can't do it for all of your kids, don't do it for one. Laeton Reid doesn't have a build a bear, but Mandi (MiMi to my kids) plans to take him this summer while we are in Texas. I have some pics of the kids with their build a bears that i'll post sometime later.

I am most excited this weekend. My mom (cha-cha to my kids) and I are taking the boys to the Montgomery Zoo tomorrow and then meeting a sweet lady that is coming all the way from Birmingham to meet us with some much needed items for the yard sale. She found out about the yard sale through blogspot...what a sweet heart.
I feel like I am really trying to let Dylon do everything that he would've wanted to do this summer. Not just him but his bubba's too. In my mind I think that once June 17 arrives, summer will no longer exist for us, maybe i'm wrong but I don't know what to really expect.
I called TCMC Tuesday because we had requested a copy of his MRI and never received it and so they are sending one this week. I also talked to Dylon's cardiologists secretary and requested that he write me a very detailed email of Dylon's condition. I have had some CHD moms question the type of CHD he has and I just want some more info on it too. I have googled and yahood his CHD until I was blue in the face and still couldn't find any info. I am almost positive they went into detail about it when we were there last, but my mind kind of fogged over after hearing that surgery was needed. When I told his nurse that I can't find any other info on Dylons CHD she said yes, thats because Dylon's heart is that rare, she said the info that they have on it is from text books that cost about one grand a piece...I can't wait to get the write up and don't worry Ill copy and paste it for ya'll!
Thank you for all of the responses from my above post.....Don't worry Houstonians I will be getting in touch and holding ya'll to the offers!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

HIs tomb wasn't empty, it was full of my sin....

Easter is such a special day to me and my family. I have always enjoyed this holiday more than almost any other day we celebrate. Not only is it spring and everything is in bloom, but it is also the day that our Lord, Jesus Christ died for our sins. Our family always gets together on this day and just spend the day simply being a family and knowing that there is a God that is bigger than anyone or anything. I hope that everyone had a blessed Easter Day.

Happy Easter!!

Spring Family picture's

This year we decided to get some photo's of the family. My cousin Mandi does a really good job taking pictures of the boys. One random afternoon she met as at the local train station which is a museum now and we took some pictures. Note to self, taking 3 boys who are obsessed with trains is not where you should go to get them to sit still for some family photo's. We tried to get some sitting still, but it just wasn't going to happen. I am very proud of the pictures that we got and the boys had a great time being able to play on all the trains.

Easter Cookies

I know that it has been a while since I posted, however nothing to exciting has happened. This Easter we decided to bake some suger cookies with the twins after Laeton Reid went to bed. My boy's love to help Mommy in the kitchen, so they were all about this. I bought some cookie cutters from walmart and some dough and icing and
the rest was history.

After the cookies baked and cooled and the kiddo's were asleep, my husband and I decorated the cookies together.