Friday, September 18, 2009

~Prayer request for a Sweet baby Girl~

This sweet baby girl was born on Tuesday and has been life flighted to Children's Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama she will undergo surgery sometime tomorrow. Please say a prayer for this family, you can check out there blogspot by clicking HERE!
We all know the power of prayer, so please join with us in prayer for strength for Parrish and Katie and for a succesful surgery and a quick recovery for Sylvie!
Love y'all!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Houston, we DO NOT have a problem!!

Sorry for the delayed update, but with me sometimes no news is good news! Houston's echo looked great, the cardiologist said he could hear the murmur but couldn't see anything major! I know when we found out about Dylon's CHD it was obvious from the first echo. I am sure that Houston will still see Dr.S in February when Dylon is due back just b/c that is who we trust and are confident in!

I have came across an intersting blog for families who are affected by CHD's if you or someone you know is affected by CHD's send them this link! They have some great information on there, I have learned so much through this blog!

Well this is pretty much all I have to update, I have my first Biology test tomorrow, so I am studying up! Wish me luck!!

Love y'all!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dylon and Houston's 4th B-day!!

It is hard to believe that the twins are already four! Every year lived is something to celebrate, but this year was really special to us. It was 16 months ago that Dylon was diagnosed with his CHD and 3 months have gone by since his open heart surgery. He is so tough! Houston is the sweetest little boy who loves his Dylon so much. Life with twins is such an experience and we are so grateful that God chose us to have them! So four years ago on this day I was released from the hospital after being in there for premature labor for 5 weeks. The doc released me just to have me come back in the next morning (september 14) and actually have the twins. I had a normal delivery and they were both so healthy. Dylon weighing 4pnd15 and Houston weighing exactly 5pnds. Dylon was called the "miracle" baby by our Ob Doc b/c he was barely attatched to the placenta, the Doc said that he was surprised that he even survived. Little did we know that the term "miracle" baby would come back to us three years later when we found out his heart condition. Houston was always our "chunkier" baby, always weighing a few pounds more than Dylon and always, always wanting to rock and cuddle.

We celebrated these wonderful 4 years with a monster truck/race car birthday party. It was complete with hotdog, hamburgers and sweet tea! Oh and not to mention all the kiddos that were running around having a good ole time! Here's a peak at the party....

BIrthday Boys! Dylon(L) Houston(R)

Blowing out their candles!

Monster truck and race car cookies, they were even better to eat, Delicious!

Monster Truck/Racecar cake that a friend did, it is so cute and it tasted to good. It had layers of chocolate and vanilla!

This is our driveway, Smith's Mudd Pitt!
We all had a wonderful time!
It is back to the busy week Monday, Houston has an echo appnt in Montgomery. Please pray that it is nothing. I've asked a few Doctors what there thought on Houston is and they think that he could possibly have a mirrored image of what Dylon has. They are mirror image identical twins! I have a Biology quiz Monday night and a Biology Test on Wednesday!
I will update tomorrow sometime and let you guys know about Houston!
Love y'all!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How we celebrated our 5th year of marriage!!

September 4, was our anniversary. It is so hard to believe that it has been 5 years! These have been the best and most exciting 5 years of my life. This past year has deffinantly been a trying time for us but I think that it brought us closer not just to each other, but made us totally rely on God! And we all know a chord made of three strans is stronger than that made of two!

I hadn't expected anything special on our anniversary. About a year ago we had planned on going to the caribbean but due to all of our medical bills and things we decided not to. But I woke up Friday with a dozen of red roses delivered to me, and I had called to thank Matt for them when I realized he was pulling up in the drive way. He had planned a whole night, just us two to the beach. The beach is my all time favorite place to go. There is something about the sand between my toes and the roar of the ocean that brings sanity to my soul. We had a room that was beach front. We spent hours on the beach, played a round of goofy golf, and had a fabulous dinner at Carrabba's! We woke up Saturday to a thunderstorm and some SEC football on tv. It was a perfect 5 year Anniversary. I am so thankful to have a love like ours!

Love y'all!
ps Fall time is near, and I am so excited. I have already started decorating it looks like halloween threwup all over my house *L* Ill share some pictures later!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Houston has a heart murmur, just pray that's all it is!

The title says it all, Houston went to the doc today for a tummy ache and the doc told us that he heard a heart murmur on Houston. Houston is the "healthy" twin, but he is Dylon's identical twin brother. We are really hopeing that it is nothing, that it is just b/c he was feeling bad so therefore his heart was working faster so he had an innocent heart murmur. I called Dylon's cardiologist Dr.S to inform him but he didn't seem to worried b/c he had listened to Houston's heart on Dylon's last appnt at TCH. He says that it is common for kids to have heart murmurs while they are sick, but usually when they get better, the heart murmurs go away. Dr.S agreed to see Houston and do a complete evaluation of his heart, on the next appointment for Dylon which is in February But just to ease mine and Matts mind, the doctor that heard the heart murmur made us an appt in Montgomery for an echo. The echo is scheduled for September 14, depending on what they say, if it turns out to be something then we will do the rest at TCH! Please pray for Houston that he will have a "normal" heart, I can't even begin to imagine having to go through this journey again!
Love y'all!