Friday, January 8, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama has had a very cold winter. I don't think it has been this cold in like 30 years. We have managed to stay out of the cold and stay semi sane. However on New Years Matt and I took the boys on a date. We ate at a local restraunt C.J.'s and then took them to our old movie theater to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakquel. It was a cute movie and recommend it, we had a perfect night.

Two days after that my family came down with a virus. Luckily this is the first time any of us have been sick all winter. The virus only lasted about 12 hours but we all managed without an ER visit. Two days after the virus Dylon had a crazy day. One that ended with a ride in an ambulance to Sacred Heart Hospital to be watched over night. Call me crazy but I thought the journey with his heart was somewhat over?? Wednesday morning Dylon who is usually up at the crack of dawn wasn't awake when I woke up. I checked on him and he was fine. However come 11:30 it was time for him to get up. So I tried to get him to wake up but he wouldn't, he didn't want to. I gave him a bath in hopes to help wake him up but that didn't work either. I then put him on the couch and watched him and Needless to say he had episodes of cyanosis and diffuculty breathing.He was awake but he wouldn't talk or move or do anything that he would normally be doing. Matt left work early and Dylon told him that he was having a hard time breathing. This lasted for approximately 3 hours and ended as soon as we got to the Doctors( of course). We spent the night in the hospital but never really got an answer. I'm just not real sure what to think about it. They did an echo and ekg and all checked out fine. I don't know maybe this is normal for a CHD child, but I can say that Momma and Daddy are completely exhausted and will be praying hard for an answer to this.

I just wanted to update everyone, Dylon is doing good right now and we are returning to TCH in March.

Love y'all