Monday, December 28, 2009

Amazing Christmas memories!!

Our Christmas was filled with all things wonderful. We have a large family to share all of our Christmas's with and we are very thankful for that. We do a traditional Christmas at our house. We allow our kids to "believe" in Santa Claus but we show more emphasis on Jesus and his miraculous birthday. We went to 6 different Christmas get together's. One included a wagon ride behind a tractor that took them to a house where the kids could see Santa sleeping through a window of the house. This same Christmas get together also hangs stockings for every family member on their mantel I think there is somewere around 30 stockings hung.

See I told you!

My family on Christmas Eve the excitement with all three boys was unbareable at times but somehow we managed to survive. This picture was taken at one of the many family houses we visited. At this particular Christmas get together, Matt's cousin and his girlfriend surprised us all. They have been traveling the Carribean by boat for the last 5 months. We had no idea they were coming. It was truly the highlight of our Christmas. We are so glad that they are back in the states and we hope to make many more memories with them. Welcome Home John and Aly!!

Matt and I, I mean Santa Claus stayed up until 2 a.m. putting all the toys together. I think that just because the box reads "easy assembly" doesn't mean that it really is. It took us forever to get everything put together and the night wasn't complete until we made a run to the store for AAA batteries. The joy on there faces Christmas day is worth every ounce. I almost forgot to introduce our new member, Max. Max was a gift to the boys and he has been so much fun! I hope every one had a wonderful Christmas!
Love y'all!