Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spreading awareness about CHD's and a link to a FREE GIVEAWAY!!

Last year I don't think I participated in spreading awareness for Congenital Heart Defects(CHD's) but this year I will do anything I can to help spread the awareness. So many kids go undiagnosed and never know they had a CHD until it is to late. Every 15 minutes a Child is born with a CHD and there are more than 35 types of CHD's to date.
After going through Dylon's journey, I realize just how crucial a rutine screening could be at birth. We didn't find out Dylon had a "special heart" until he was 3 yrs old. What if that would've been three years to long?? Thankfully he was able to have a great outcome due to awesome cardiologists, surgeon and nurses and a wonderful GOD! We report back to our heart hospital, Texas Children's Hospital every six months, we will return in March. The returns are always bittersweet.

During Dylon's journing I met some other mom's with children that have a CHD and meeting them and experiencing there journey's has helped us so much. One of the mom's is very dear to me, her daughter Bentley has a CHD and they are doing a giveaway to help with spreading the awareness, all you have to do is click HERE!! There are some awesome things to win and you'll be helping us spread the word about the affects of CHD's on families!

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Crystal said...

Super emotional time, that's for sure!!! I didn't realize Dylon was 3 before they found it. It is such a scary thing and as active as Bryson and Brenna are I am always paranoid. It's so important to have a consistant dr. you know.

Thanks for linking to the giveaway, but that is so not fair. You need to go there a comment real quick to enter yourself.

ps. working on your stuff and hope to have it soon.