Thursday, September 3, 2009

Houston has a heart murmur, just pray that's all it is!

The title says it all, Houston went to the doc today for a tummy ache and the doc told us that he heard a heart murmur on Houston. Houston is the "healthy" twin, but he is Dylon's identical twin brother. We are really hopeing that it is nothing, that it is just b/c he was feeling bad so therefore his heart was working faster so he had an innocent heart murmur. I called Dylon's cardiologist Dr.S to inform him but he didn't seem to worried b/c he had listened to Houston's heart on Dylon's last appnt at TCH. He says that it is common for kids to have heart murmurs while they are sick, but usually when they get better, the heart murmurs go away. Dr.S agreed to see Houston and do a complete evaluation of his heart, on the next appointment for Dylon which is in February But just to ease mine and Matts mind, the doctor that heard the heart murmur made us an appt in Montgomery for an echo. The echo is scheduled for September 14, depending on what they say, if it turns out to be something then we will do the rest at TCH! Please pray for Houston that he will have a "normal" heart, I can't even begin to imagine having to go through this journey again!
Love y'all!

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Crystal said...

I am praying for Houston. I couldn't imagine. Dr. S sounds so amazing, I am sure he is right. I know it is so hard and probably impossible but try not to worry. Praying!!!

I have a question for you about Dr.S can you send me your email or email me