Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dylon and Houston's 4th B-day!!

It is hard to believe that the twins are already four! Every year lived is something to celebrate, but this year was really special to us. It was 16 months ago that Dylon was diagnosed with his CHD and 3 months have gone by since his open heart surgery. He is so tough! Houston is the sweetest little boy who loves his Dylon so much. Life with twins is such an experience and we are so grateful that God chose us to have them! So four years ago on this day I was released from the hospital after being in there for premature labor for 5 weeks. The doc released me just to have me come back in the next morning (september 14) and actually have the twins. I had a normal delivery and they were both so healthy. Dylon weighing 4pnd15 and Houston weighing exactly 5pnds. Dylon was called the "miracle" baby by our Ob Doc b/c he was barely attatched to the placenta, the Doc said that he was surprised that he even survived. Little did we know that the term "miracle" baby would come back to us three years later when we found out his heart condition. Houston was always our "chunkier" baby, always weighing a few pounds more than Dylon and always, always wanting to rock and cuddle.

We celebrated these wonderful 4 years with a monster truck/race car birthday party. It was complete with hotdog, hamburgers and sweet tea! Oh and not to mention all the kiddos that were running around having a good ole time! Here's a peak at the party....

BIrthday Boys! Dylon(L) Houston(R)

Blowing out their candles!

Monster truck and race car cookies, they were even better to eat, Delicious!

Monster Truck/Racecar cake that a friend did, it is so cute and it tasted to good. It had layers of chocolate and vanilla!

This is our driveway, Smith's Mudd Pitt!
We all had a wonderful time!
It is back to the busy week Monday, Houston has an echo appnt in Montgomery. Please pray that it is nothing. I've asked a few Doctors what there thought on Houston is and they think that he could possibly have a mirrored image of what Dylon has. They are mirror image identical twins! I have a Biology quiz Monday night and a Biology Test on Wednesday!
I will update tomorrow sometime and let you guys know about Houston!
Love y'all!


Rebecca said...


I came across your blog while searching the tearm Vascular Ring. I just wanted to say, that I had a similar surgery almost 35 years ago and I'm still going strong! I wish your son and your family well. It's interesting reading about other experiences with this particular CHD...they are hard to find sometimes.

Thanks for telling Dylon's story.


Whit and Rob said...

What a cute birthday party!! It won't be long until those boys are attending some "mud bogs" like their momma! ;) haha! Hope they had a great day!