Monday, February 22, 2010

THe things!

OH what an adventerous weekend and Monday we have had!
Over the course of the weekend, all three kids ran a fever.
Me..I gave them cold med's(over the counter kind)
Kids..didn't get better =(
Monday..three doctor appointments to find out that:
Laeton Reid has upper respiratory infection +bronchitis.
Dylon has upper respiratory infection+ear infection
Houston has upper repiratory infection+soon to be ear infection(eardrum was retracted).
Me...spent 2 hours in Wal-mart waiting on prescriptions to be filled.
Kids...were happy to see me come home with med's and of course something for them:
Pajama's! We love pajama's

Mom's of heart kid's here is something I learned today. Umm..kinda embarressed BUT..Dylon can only have certain types of over the counter cold med.'s! Make sure you check with he/she's doc before giving them anything! UGh...Made me sick to my stomach, I hate doing stuff wrong!

On another note, My hubby who just got back from a week long school to get his A and P license! Congrats hubby!! A stands for airframe, not airplane like I posted on facebook for all of covington county to read, who now thinks my hubby is a pilot.Ha! P stands for power plant. He now calls our so adorable family Team Smith! It really seems to help with the competitive side of everyone! Did I mention I almost went crazy for that week he got his A and P license?? Well I almost did but a dear friend from Patrick AFB saved my and stayed with me for a few nights. Thank God for wonderful, loving friends!

I hope everyone has had a marvelous Monday!

Love y'all!



Dave and Mandi said...

I hope everyone is feelng better by now, and that Matt has recovered from his trip. We're so proud of him! I love the blog's new look too!!

dylonhoustonlaetonreid said...

Thank You Mandi, my friend Crystal designed it for me (Bentleys MOM) She designs them!!