Monday, March 22, 2010

my twins..the next #1 doubles team??

Did anyone see the interview on 60 minutes about the Bryan twins?? Mike and Bob Bryan are identical twin boys who are ranked #1 in men's doubles. Its so funny to watch another set of identical twins. They showed were they move at the same time on the court or when they sit down between games they drink at the same time. It almost seems that it could be staged, but seeing how my Identical twins are with each other, I know that it is not staged. The story goes on to tell about how they started playing tennis when they were 2 and won their first tournament when they were 6 yrs old. They also talked about how there was no t.v. in there house growing up, and they had to play tennis so many hours a day and they also had to practice music so many hours a day as well. The relationship between twins is something that is so neat to witness, I can't wait to see how my twins relationship with each other matures and to see if what they become in life. Will they be the next tennis stars? or the first twins to walk on the moon? or will they be totally different, one a farmer the other a doctor? Whatever they choose, Mommy and Daddy will always be proud.

Well its off to train for tennis, i'm gonna make me some pro's! ha ha!

OH wait, we can't train yet! I forgot to tell you that Houston broke his foot Tuesday afternoon and he now has a cast on his foot. He broke his first metacarpal on his left foot. How? He and Dylon were wrestling and Dylon landed on the top of Houston's foot. I didn't see it happen, this is what they told me had happened. It sounds a little "fishy" to me but Whatever!
As you can see he was really excited to get a cast and he chose for it to be red! He will need to wear it for 3 weeks!
I hope everyone has a blessed Monday, we are suppose to get our SUV back today! =)
Love y'all!

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