Thursday, August 6, 2009

Heading to Houston in Two days!

Just to do a little update on everyone. We are still planning our trip TCH. I have already made the hotel reservations and we plan on driving there all day Sunday, we will wake up Monday and have an Echo done at 9:00 to make sure that there is no coarctation and then we will meet with Dr.S around 11:00. We will then get lunch and then go see an E.N.T @ 3:00 who will determine what is going on with Dylons gagging, coughing and drooling. Depending on how we are feeling, we will either leave right after that or we might stay the night and leave in the morning. We are taking Houston with us to Houston,TX..he calls it "his" Texas! He wants to see the BIG buildings and a few other things that Dylon has told him about. We are driving, so please pray us there and back! It will be a 9 hour drive and we don't have a DVD player in our car right now, so it will be a loooooong 9 hour drive.

Laeton Reid will be staying with some familywhile we are away. He has inflamation in his left hip and we have spent 4 days this week at the doctors office. Every morning he wakes up and he can't walk on his left leg, we are treating it with Motrin. Usually 45 min after he has his Motrin he is able to walk on it again. It is so sad to see him like this every morning, he gets really aggravated about it. He will have another appointment on Monday and it is suppose to be better by then. Of course we will be in Houston at that time, so my mom will be taking him. Please be praying that this will go away!

I am really anxious and emotional about going back to TCH. I have been doing some scrapbooking lately and it just puts a knot in my stomache looking at photos and thinking about what all my little man has been through, and what WE have all been through with his surgery.

Oh I start school next monday on the 17th! I can't wait!

I hope everyone has a blessed school year!

Love y'all!


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LeAnne said...

I hope everything goes well in "Houston's" Texas!