Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rain, Rain finally went Away!!

The rain has finally gone away, and the mud is here and the boys are loving it. As you can see in the picture above, it has rained, and rained. We had a tropical storm that came and brought us a couple of inches and then we've had Cool front that also brought a few inches too. The picture above is our front yard and No! we don't usually have a pond in our front yard, but we had a storm that brought like 3 inches in 3o minutes so this is what we were left with. Even though all those rainy days were so long and boring, this cool front is so nice. We have been out in it all day yesterday and today.

This is a mud puddle that the boys played in yesterday at Vick Vick and Papa Johns. It was so nice to get out and get some sun on our faces. While the boys played I studied, studied and studied some more. My classes are very challenging, but I am enjoying them. The first night was very discouraging, but it seems to be getting better with time. The boys will be playing outside (weather permits) most of the week to try and burn some of that energy off before we ALL head back to Texas Children's. Dylon's surgery is still sceduled for this Friday, I have to call sometime this week to work out all the details. Im pretty sure that we will be leaving Thursday, surgery will be Friday Morning, he will stay the night at TCH and hopefully be released the next day. We will come back to Alabama sometime Sunday. I am not prepared for this surgery, as a matter of fact I don't think i've completely recovered from his last surgery. I realize that this surgery isn't as complicated as the last, but it is still surgery and I am still nervous about it. We plan on bringing the whole clan to TCH along with my mom. This is the plan right now, but it can always change. Just please pray for our family as we travel to TCH and for Dylon's surgery.
We also found some tadpoles yesterday and put them in a jar so the boys can watch them grow! Ya know this is what us rednecks like to do for fun;)
Cooler weather brings football, and we LOVE some SEC football. WAR EAGLE! We are gearing up for that. This picture is of Houston, he too is an Auburn fan. Actually my whole family is except Dylon. It broke our hearts this week when we were buying new jerseys for this year and Dylon proclaimed that he "is for Alabama" and "war eagle...stinks"! In the state of Alabama you are one or the other...Auburn University or University of Alabama. We have no idea why he has turned on us, who knows maybe during his 9 hr operation one of the nurses was giving him subliminal of his nurses during that was a graduate of the University of Alabama. ;) So this year will be a different football season for us, not everyone will be saying War Eagle..there will also be some (gritting my teeth when I say this) Roll Tide.
God Bless! and War Eagle!

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