Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Post Op follow up!

It was a busy Sunday, Monday week for us. Me, Matt, Dylon and Houston drove 9 hours Sunday to our hotel in Houston,TX! The drive was very long, but those boys love to travel, so that made it easier. Dylon was so excited to have his bestfriend/bubba to come along for his check up. We arrived in Houston around 2:30 and waited for our room to get cleaned and then we all got ready for supper. We took the hotel bus to Pappadeaux and had a fantastic dinner, complete with Alligator and all things spicy. It was a great dinner. We had a great nights rest and headed to TCH for Dylons appointments. He had an echo first which by the way went 100 times better than the last attempt in Pensecola(sacred heart). Houston and "DaDa" waited out in the waiting room while Dylon and I did the echo. Dylon even got a surprise at the end since he cooperated.

After the echo, All four of us went to the next appt to hear the results of the echo. Dr.S (Dyon's cardiologist) gave us the great news that what Sacred heart thought was coarctation was actually the repair that was made on his aorta. I was so relieved to hear this. All in All Dylons heart looks great!

(Dr.S and Dylon, Dr.S and his staff is one of the MANY reasons TCH cardiology is ranked #3 in the nation)

After that appnt we had an Ear, nose and throat appointment to try and pinpoint where the gagging and coughing is coming from. This time Matt took Dylon back and Houston and I waited in the waiting room to see what the ENT had to say. The ENT looked at Dylon throat and tonsils and decided that Dylon will need his tonsils and abnoids taken out. He also said that they would also get a better look at his esophagus and trachea by doing a scope(he gave me the name but I forgot what it is called). The ENT wants to get a better look at where the vascular ring was. Dylon's surgery is scheduled for Aug 28th at TCH. We will go up on a Thursday he will have surgery on Friday, stay the night in the hospital and hopefully go home that weekend. I know that it is such a long ride for a not so big surgery, but it is what we believe to be best for Dylon. I'm not ready for another surgery, but I know that God will carry us through this just like he always has.
(Looking at the trains again, Houston loved them too!)
(Dylon and Houston at our lunch break at TCH!)
We are exhausted from the ride, we drove half way late yesterday, stayed in a hotel last night and drove the rest of the way today. We got in to Home Sweet Andalusia around 2:00 this afternoon. We went to my moms to get Laeton Reid. She had cooked us, and my brothers family some southern fried chicken, peas, cornbread and all sorts of good stuff. I will try and post some pics tomorrow! Gotta go to bed, Thank you for praying us there and back!
Love y'all!


Crystal said...

I'm glad that everything went well! I hate to hear that you will all shortly be going back for a surgery, although it is not the heart, you have all just been through so much. But once again you are going to the best place and I know between God and TCH you will all be well taken care of! Keep us posted, sending prayers!

Tiffany Lockette said...

I am so glad to hear the appointment went well. Congratulations on the good check up and prayers for the next surgery.