Monday, March 15, 2010

Not me Monday!!

I hardly ever participate with the "Not me Monday" from Mckmamma's blog but I think I will try my hand at it considering how eventful my Monday was.

Did I mention we go back to TCH on Wednesday?? So I am not stressed out at all, Not me! Not to mention I stayed on the phone with a GM corp trying to figure out what to do about my Chevy Traverse that is having MAJOR issues at OH, lets say 19K miles. We(me and GM) stayed on the phone for an hour with 3 kids crying in the background and me I just let them whine and cry b/c it seemed to make the GM people hurry up with what they were doing, I would NEVER use my kids like that, NEVER! ;)

I am also NOT potty training my two year old who did not poop on the floor. Why on earth would a child do that. So how did that happen you ask?? Well I also do NOT let my kids go free aka Naked while potty training, NOT ME!

My birthday is Not Wednesday and the only thing I wanted was a hand held vaccum so my children can learn to clean up after themselves, Not me! Because I'm young and hip so of course I didn't really want that, Not me!

I will elaborate on my vehicle problem. We bought a Chevy Traverse back like 6 months ago. We got it for the traveling that we do with Dylon. The Traverse that has 19K miles on it is now needing new timing chains. If you don't know much about timing chains, they should last usually the life of the car or either 80-100,000 miles. However due to the "faulty" engine that GM has so graciously sold to thousands of other Traverse owners, the timing chains will have to be changed every 20,000 miles. Crazy right?? Well not only do we get to take a "loaner" to TCH, but can you imagine riding in a 4 door sadan with a family of 5?? "don't touch me", "I don't have any room", "he's pinching me", "he took my toy", "he's eating my snack", "he took my drink" ..this is what we will be hearing for oh 9 plus hours on I-10! I can not tell you how thankful I am to GM for selling such horribly made vehicles. I did call today and spoke with someone at GM and I had to file a case number. It's crazy that so many good Americans are being treated this way and the car industries aren't really the ones who are suffering, we are. I mean look at Toyota, wow! I will deffinantly keep my eyes peeled for one of those things on the road and I will get out of its way! I guess there is a reason for everything that happens!

Please pray for traveling mercy's for my family, I always get so nervous about going that far with my babies in tow. I know you understand! Also if you have any traveling tips for two four year olds and a two year old please share them with me!
God Bless!


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Whitney said...

At least you weren't the one pooping on the floor...It could have been worse. :)

Good luck on the hospital visit. I hope everything checks out perfectly!