Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dylon's Yard Sale and Spaghetti dinner was a huge success!!

Just to do a quick update on the Yard Sale and Spaghetti dinner. We had our Spaghetti dinner Thursday night at SOuthside Baptist Church and sold over 300 plates. The ladies that put this together are teachers at Straughn Elementary School and they did this with the thought of being able to pay for all of our bills for the month of June....and they sold enough to pay for our bills for June and July! What a awesome group of ladies that cooked some really yummy spaghetti and had a blast doing it. WE LOVE YOU SES!!

So as anyone who has ever done a yard sale knows how much work is put into one. We had donations of items from over 50 families. IT was a HUGE yard sale. We started putting things out Friday and ran out of room and so we had to get up bright and early today and put out tables outside to put more things on. As we would take things out of the trailor, people were buying them. It was Awesome. We also did a live auction for a fiddle, and it sold for 400.00. OH and not to mention the awesome cakes and cinnamon roles and candied apples and boiled peanuts that sold before I could get my hands on them. Thank you Harts grocery, Mrs. JoAnn, Mrs. Mary for going through the trouble for baking these items.

If you have never seen the Poweplant Farmers Market, you need to go the next time they have an event there. It is a beautiful and historical is all exposed brick with huge windows, so nice.

So the big question is how much did we make???
Are you ready for this??

over 7,000.00 dollars!!! And don't worry it is in a safe!

The turn out was awesome and the experience was even more humbling than anyone could ever imagine.
I owe you guys BIG time....Mom, "B" Brian, Jennifer, Suzanne, Aunt Jeannie, Steph, Dad, Wade, 22(Justin), PaPa John, Mandi, Dave, Mrs Pam and Mr.Billy, Mrs.JoAnn and Mr. James, Honey, Kat, Grandma(Rodgers), Terri Jewell, Grandmother, Blaine, Melissa, Nicole, Unk(Griff), Mrs.Stuckey, Aunt Elaine, Tonya Hart, and a even bigger thanks to WAAO, for making this Yard Sale bigger and better than I could've ever have dreamed.

I didn't forget, I could not have gotten any of this done without Aunt Vicki watching and loving my kids for me all weekend. Thank You Vick Vick.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who came, who gave and who have been praying for my family. We love ya'll!

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The Cotton's said...

Unbelievable!!! I cried like a baby while reading this! How could anyone ever doubt our AMAZING GOD??? There's not a doubt in my mind that he's got big plans for Dylon. I'm thankful that I was able to be a part of such an amazing day! You don't owe me a thanks... that's what family is for. We love you, Matt, and those sweet boys!!! Please call on me if I can do anything! Love ya!!!!!