Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Zoo!!

A couple blogs ago I promised to post some pictures of the trip to the Montgomery Zoo. I am just now getting around to uploading them to my computer, I hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the Zoo! It was such a beautiful day and we were just amazed by God's beautiful creations.
"Let everything that has breathe, Praise the Lord! Alleluia"

Psalm 105:6

We ate lunch in Africa, near the lions and Houston is showing his "BIG" teeth just like the lions do.

This is Dylon roaring like a lion, all three boys just loved the lions, but Dylon couldn't wait to see some elephants.

This was Laeton Reid's first trip to the Zoo. He had such a great time and his favorite animals were the AH-AH's (monkeys) We couldn't get him to leave their area.

We stayed with the elephants forever. The kiddo's were infactuated by them. We had such a great time and cannot wait to return to the zoo.

Oh one last picture....this picture is for Dave he is one of my kids most favorite people, and he is also a Turkey Fanatic. Houston loves hunting with Dave and so it was important that we took this picture for Dave who at the time hadn't killed a turkey. But don't worry he made up for it last week when he killed three turkeys. We can't wait to eat some fried turkey Dave. We love you and Mandi!

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

If it hadn't been for the house, we would have have more than three to eat. Love the pic, Houston will be going with me and Josh next year.

Dave and Mandi said...

Love the elephant picture!!

Crystal said...

How long are you expected to be in Houston for recovery? Do you know where you are staying yet?

Crystal said...

We will be there at least 2 weeks.. there are two different hotels I am trying to decide between.. I'm about to go read up on them both again.