Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pray us there and Back

Just letting you all know that we have arrived safely. We flew out of a local airport around 10:00 and was waved goodbye by some sweet family members. I was told that they would "pray me there and back" and I like the sound of that. So join them in praying us there and back.
The flight was pretty uneventful, which is the way I like it. The pilot was great and his sweet wife had packed us some snacks and drinks. Dylon actually got to fly the plane. It was so awesome. We only flew 10,000 ft above sea level, b/c of Dylon's condition and the affects of the cabin pressure, we didnt know if he would have any, better safe than sorry. He did have a few minor caughing spells, but nothing worse than the usual. But let me tell you something, flying at sea level meant some really awesome views we got to see the gulf and rivers. It was gorgeous. We flew into the Million Air airport, which is the same as Hobby, but has a special place for the smaller planes. We got off the plane and was greated by some friendly Houstonian's and as well as our cab driver. The cab driver was so sweet and so helpful to us. We then arrived at our hotel and checked into our room, and we had trouble with our debit card. We put all of the money that was given for Dylon's trip in a special account and then found out that they had a limit and so anyway just one thing to add to the stress. Ha! I'll call the bank in the morning and get that straightened out. We have really enjoyed the hotel room, and staff, all very friendly, they even took us to the Target. We got us some groceries so we can eat in our room
We did talk to Dr.S (cardiologist) and he was glad that we made it safely without any problems. His nurse will call us in the morning to set up a time when we will see him tomorrow. Dr.S wants to do another Echo and EKG tomorrow. We will also possibly see the Surgeon.
How are we doing?
Amazingly Strong.
I know that things are not going as planned by Me Ha! But I think it is just another reminder that God is the one that has the say so over anything and everything. My hands are up and I surrender it all to him. Thank You Jesus for loving me.
Just know that your prayers for us are being answered. God is so great and is "bigger than the boogie man" (vegi tales)
I will update tomorrow and let you all know what is being said at the appointment!
God Bless!


Crystal said...

Praying you there and back!!! For sure!!!

Please let me know if there is anything I can do.. or if you have any questions at all since we were just there a few days ago!!! Praying very hard!!!

Marilyn said...

Hey Shelli,
I understand Dylon's surgery has been rescheduled for Thursday..
Keep us updated.
I love you, Aunt Marilyn