Sunday, August 2, 2009

B & P photography!

B & P photography is a local couple who takes incredible photos! They are very special to me and my family. The photography is owned by Billy and Pam Dolster. They have been such an encouragement to me and my family through this whole ordeal. Before Dylon's surgery they wanted to do a special session with just him. Back in May We met them at the park one sunny, HOT afternoon and they took some of the most precious pictures of Dylon. Mr.Billy climbed up on the slide, just whatever he needed to do to get that special picture. After they did this for Dylon they decided to start a "special friends" photo session. This session is complementary of B & P, they will do any child in our local area who has a life threatening disease or sickness. Thank You B & P We Love you guys and Pray that God blesses you one hundred fold!

A couple of weeks ago, my sister in law and I decided to get B & P to do some photos of our precious boys, They also met with my family again to do some shots of my boys, some of me and Matt and some of just me. Let me tell you it was so hard to be the one infront of the camera, usually i'm the one either taking the photo, or the one who is jumping up an down, or whatever behind the cameraman to get a smile from everyone. The pictures turned out better than we could possibly imagine. We got all 5 boys to smile, I can't believe it. It wasn't because I was doing jumping jacks behind the cameraman, I promise ;)

Aren't they awesome, if you want to see the photo's in a larger version, I think you can just click on the photo!

While we were at the second photo shoot, I wanted my boys to take there shirts off and get some pictures on the Antique Ford tractors, which by the way Ford Tractors is what my Dad and Brother sale! We love some blue tractors!! Except in these photo's there red, which is what color Ford was back then. But back to the photo, I got an option put in front of me on Dylon's scar...Do I want to keep the scar or take it off the photo? As I appreciated the option, I couldn't dare to take that life changing, beautiful scar off of my miracle boy! His scar looks amazing I can't believe it is as small as it is, I mean considering surgery wasn't but 7 weeks ago! Im so proud of Dylon and how strong he is! Thank You God for this miracle boy, I can assure you he will bring much glory to your name!

Oh, we are still planning on a 9 hour drive to TCH this weekend(8th or 9th). I was told that they would confirm all appts, I still havent heard anything..but no news is good news. So we are gonna make hotel reservations and start preparing ourselves to go. Im sure that it will be a emotional return for us, im just so thankful that TCH is where we went for Dylon's surgery, we couldn't be happier with the staff, nurses, Doctors, and of course the surgeon!

God Bless,


ps: if you read the blog prior to this one, you will see that Dylon has been gagging and burping some which could be a result of his softened esophagus from the vascular ring. He has only gagged twice since last Thursday, thanks for the prayers!

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Shonna said...

The pictures are GREAT!!! We will be praying for your trip to TCH and the doctors that Dylon will see.