Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day trip to Ft.Walton Beach and Eglin AFB Aviation Museum

Tuesday my mom and I drove the boys down to Ft.Walton to spend the day on the beach. This was Dylon's first time post op and he spent 99% of the time in the water. He would just lay in the water were the waves crashed. Houston spent most of his time splashing mommy with water and building sand castles. Laeton Reid mainly played in the sand and on the bank were the waves would crash on him. My boys are part fish, I swear! After three hours of the beach, we headed back home. We stopped for some lunch and then some icecream. By this time we were all so exhausted but we wanted to stop at an aviation museum on the way home. Im so glad we stopped, the boys just loved. While we were outside looking at all the airplanes and such, a fighter jet kept flying over us. It was really awesome! We then saw the B-52 which is a plane my husband worked on for a couple of years, it was nice to see a familiar plane and I could tell the boys a little bit about it. We had a great time and look forward to doing this again!

this is the b-52, the boys are standing underneath it.

Houston playing!

Part fish +Part Boy=Dylon

Laeton Reid loving the beach!

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