Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's been a While!

Just a quick post to say that we are doing good. Dylon has a follow up appointment today in Pensacola,FL @ Sacred Heart. They will be doing an echo and checking all his blood pressures. Houston insisted that he go with us, so he will be joining us and Laeton Reid will be with my mom, because the appointment is during his naptime. I will try and update tonight or in the morning to let you all know how his appointment went. Here's some recent pictures of Dinner one night, my grandmother and granddaddy Cotton brought us Pizza Hut and homemade banana pudding, and Aunt Angie brought us capri suns and icecream and popcicles, Thank You, this was so thoughtful of you guys!
The Boys loving their pizza!
Laeton Reid drinking his capri sun
Homemade banana pudding after Laeton Reid secretly ate/destroyed it...I wish I had a before picture of the banana pudding, Grandmother had it so perfectly done, with some cookies on top. But while we were outside talking to grandmother and granddaddy, I had just put all the food on the table, Laeton Reid came back inside and destroyed it, he ate almost a full bowl..when I caught him doing this all he would say was mmmmm....and lick his lips. There is truly never a dull moment in our house.
How has everyone's summer been so far?
Im sorry that I have been slacking on the blogging.....Hope you have a blessed weekend and fourth of July!

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