Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just a short update!

We are really enjoying our summer and are taking full advantage of our precious little boys!

We did have to take Dylon to the our family doctor Thursday because a cyst looking thing came up on his neck where he had one of his main lines from surgery. I didn't take any chances with it so I took him straight in. The result was just some scar tissue that is forming from where the line was. That was a big relief to us. We were told it would eventually go away. I also talked with Dr.K (family doc) about Dylon's echo from Sacred Heart a couple of weeks ago and he said that there was deffinantly some coarctation in the pictures. However Dr.K believes this is from Dylon not cooperating and a shadow was probably formed which is why it looks coarcted or narrowed. But we want know the true answer for this until we go back to TCH in December. I haven't made the date yet, but plan to go in Nov/Dec which will be 6 months after Dylon's surgery. Please be praying that it was just a shadow and he doesn't have a coarctation. Dylon was weighed at Dr.K's and he gained another pound, so this is almost 4 pounds since surgery, he looks so good. We also got the ok to take Dylon swimming so we joined Matt's work on their family day out at a water park, Big Kahuna's. My boys just love the water and I believe they were the only 1 and 3 year olds that didn't wear a life jacket. They do such an incredible job swimming. They went down every slide that was age appropriate atleast 5o times. We stayed in the kiddie pools which was perfect they had like 3 different ones. We had such a good time and even met a guy with family member with a CHD. Dylon's scar or Boo-Boo as we call it looks so good, but still left a few people asking questions. I might as well get used to it, im sure we will hear this most of his life. Most people try to cover up scars, but this scar we are very proud of and will always feel this way about it.

On another note, I registered for classes and will be taking Biology 103 and Medical Terminology in the Fall. Im really excited about starting school again. I will be taking my prereq.'s for a year and then start on the actual sonography part of it in the Spring of next year.

Im sorry I don't have any picture's to post from our adventure to Big Kahuna's, but I forgot the camera! Oops! But I did remember 4 bottles of sunscreen, 5 towells, 5 swimsuits, swim diapers, reg. diapers, hats, sunglasses, 5 sets of clothes to change into afterwards, Laeton's blankie, paci, and sippy cups. So what was I thinking??? I can't believe I forgot something! Ha!

Love Y'all!

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