Friday, July 3, 2009

Wonderful Report

(Dylon before getting mad at the echo guy)
The follow up appointment at Sacred Heart went really good, Dylon no longer has any fluid around his heart. That was something that I was worried about, but it is no longer there, Thank God. The Dr. did say that she could see a little bit of narrowing in his aorta still, but she hoped that it would just grow with him. We will go back in two months and hopefully start coming off some of his Blood Pressure Med. Dylon did not want any part in them doing the echo or his blood pressures...He was scared, but who could blame the little fella? He is just so tough. Houston was there for moral support and he sat on the bed with him while we attemted at the echo and other various things.

(Dylon and Houston in the waiting room)

(Dylon) (Laeton Reid)

Once we got home from Sacred Heart, we decided to celebrate and take the kids to eat at their favorite place, Pizza Hut. This was the first time that Dylon has got to eat out in 7 weeks. We had such a great time. We will also go see Dr.K (family doc) today he will go over everything that the Dr. from Sacred Heart said to us.
When we came back from Pizza Hut, I needed to water my flowers and so I let the boys play in the sprinkler while I watered the flowers. While we were out there a little bird fell out of its nest. Im not sure the kind of bird, but we watched it for a while, and didn't let the kids touch the bird for sake of it finding its mother. The boys where outside calling the mommy bird like one would call a lost dog. We never saw her. When we woke up this morning the baby bird was hopefully it survived.

Hope you all have a safe 4th!
God Bless the USA!

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Crystal said...

Glad he had a good report. His scar looks amazing! I have been thinking about y'all!!!