Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, I recieved a voicemail from Dylon's cardiologist (Dr.S) asking to call him back today because he had a few questions and just wanted to check on Dylon. So I called him this morning and he just wanted me to be aware of our insurance company and the fact that they are trying to deny any claims at Texas Children's. He said due to us coming and staying two nights before the surgery, because Dylon had been so sick that they were claiming that we had no reason to have been there those two nights so they are trying to not pay their BIG part. Dr.S assured me that he had written them a letter and had gotten a few others involved with the process and said that they will have to pay for it. He also adviced me not to pay any bills that came in from them and to call them if I recieve any bills from Blue Cross or Texas Children's in the mail. Its so crazy, we pay a good bit every month just so we can have excellent insurance and then when we really need them...this is what we get. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama you are not on my good list right now!!!! However, I am glad that Dr.S decided to call me and give me a heads up because had I had recieved a BIG bill from one of them, I would've stroked out.

On another note, Dr.S said that we will have a followup with him in six months (from surgery) so five months from now we will be going back to TCH!

Just thought I'd give you guys an update!
Love Ya'll!


Crystal said...

Oh no! You're kidding. You know.. I hate that we have to go through these things WHILE going through such an emotional time already. It is so hard!

Crystal said...

Thanks for the comment!

So 5 months from now, that's awesome. We are getting ready to go back tomorrow. Kind of scary.. she has been so wonderful.. but you never know what's going on inside of their sweet bodies. Just praying for a good report.

Bill and Mary said...

Shelli ~ I am SO glad that Dylon's surgery went well! I am sorry I haven't been keeping up with this like I should. :( Thanks for writing the letter!!!