Thursday, June 18, 2009

Balloons, Balloons!!

I'm sorry that it has been a few days since I blogged, but no news is good news right?? We have had a very blessed week. On Tuesday we went to see our favorite doctor and crew, they did an x-ray on Dylon and checked his blood pressure on legs and arms. The x-ray showed that Dylon's heart looked average in size. They also weighed him and he has already gained 2 1/2 pnds since pre-op!! His b.p. is 112/62 which is a little high for someone his age. Dr.K(family doc) said that he didn't see the need to up his medicine just yet. He wants to monitor his b.p., so we will go back in three weeks. The reason his B.P. is up is b/c his heart is used to having to pump so hard, and now that it is fixed, it doesn't have to pump as fast but his heart is still pumping fast right now, so he will take this b.p. medicine until his heart balances out. We are also scheduled to have an echo done at Sacred Heart(pensacola,Fl) in two weeks, just to get a better pic of his heart and the fluid. However the doc was amazed at how strong Dylon's pulse is in all his extremities. However he can still hear a heart murmur, but he said that it is small but its nothing to worry about at all. He also informed us that Dylon has some softening of his trachea, this was caused by the vascular ring rubbing against the trachea, was told that this should strengthen as time goes by. So because he still has softening, he still caughs, but it is nothing like it was, and rarely happens. While we were at Dr.K's, they presented me and Matt with a certificate for Best parent award, and Dylon for best patient award. Dylon was so excited, he loves his Dr.K!

(Dylon with his certificate)
We are just so blessed to be a part of such a great community and church family. Every night this week, our church Mt.Zion UMC has cooked us meals, its like Thanksgiving dinner at our house every night. These ladies really know how to cook and we are so thankful that they have done this for us. On top of all the food, we have also been recieving balloons from family and friends. Our boys love to play with them, and it has really helped to keep them entertained since we have to stay indoors. Thank You for the balloons!! It seems that every where we go, someone stops to ask about Dylon and tell us that he has been on their hearts and in their prayers. I feel that it is just a reminder of how God works through the midst of it all. We know that it is rare for a child to be sent home so early after such a major operation, and we give God all the glory for that. There's a song that I heard at a church in Louisiana, and the lady who sang it had been healed of Multiple Sclerosis. The song has been in my heart every since I heard it and the lyrics are so meaningful to me....
In the Midst of It All
by Yolanda Adams
I've come through many hard trials Through temptations on every hand
Though Satan's tried to stop me
And to place my feet on sinking sand
Through the pain and all of my sorrows
Through the tears and all of my fears The Lord was there to keep me
For He's kept me in the midst of it all
Not because I've been so faithful
Not Because I've always obeyed
Noo, It's not because I trust him To be with me all of the way
But it's because He loves me so dearly
He was there to answer my call
He was there always to protect me
For He's kept me in the midst of it all
Choir:I've come through many hard trialsThrough temptations on every hand
Though Satan's tried to stop me
And to place my feet on sinking sand
Because Jesus loves me dearly He was there to answer my call
There always to protect me For He's kept me in the midst of it all
Chorus:No He's never left me And He' never let me fall Oh yes He will protect you For He's kept me in the midst of it all
Vamp:Yes, He kept meYes, Jesus kept meJesus kept me (3x), in the midst of it allFor He's kept me in the midst of it all
So I just pray that whatever you may be going through, just remember that God loves you and he is holding you up and he will NEVER, ever let you fall.

Laeton Reid sneaking some of that homecooked food!!

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