Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a complicated day!

Today has been a very long day.
Dylon stopped running a fever as soon as we got to the E.R. (of course). Once we had finished signing papers for admittance for the E.R., we sat down, and the phone rang and it was Dr.S (cardiologist) saying that they finally had a room ready for Dylon on the cardiology regular floor. So Dr.S met us in the E.R. lobby and escorted us to our room. They started an I.V. and he is doing much better. It just doesn't make since how a child can go from a high fever, caughing, and gaging to being his usual self. The cardiologist on the floor thinks that it is all due to the vascular ring, causing an obstruction in his air way. I don't see how a fever links to all this, but they know way more than I could ever know, so I'll go with that. His blood work came back fine, his white blood cell count was up 1/3 of a point, but they said that that is nothing to worry about. Usually when you have an infection the points go way up so. They tested for sinusitus and it was negative, so everything I thought it was, it wasn't. They aren't gonna let Dylon go back to the hotel before his surgery, they want to keep him there until his surgery which is Thursday @ 6:30. These Doc.'s and nurses have to think we are crazy, b/c seeing him now, he is acting like a normal little boy. I have five people who saw the way he was this morning being sick and all and we are all just weirded out by all of this and how quick he got better.
Weirded out, but thankful and counting it a blessing that he is better.
Thank you all for the prayers!
God Bless,
ps Dylon did a art project with the lollipop radio girls they made a kite...and he won the contest. They are gonna post a picture of him on the TCMC T.V. channel and then he got to request what song to playwhile they show his picture and he requested
"Sweet Home Alabama"


lindsay k. said...

i posted a while back on your blog. i live in northwest houston. if you need anything during your time here, please feel free to email me at aggiebonfire00 at yahoo dot com.

Dave and Mandi said...

Mother told me about Dylon's art class. Sounds like a wonderful hospital. I can't believe he didn't request Chicken Fried!! He hasn't been saying R*** T*** has he? Wish I could see it on television.

Lori Griffin said...

We are praying for Dylon and you all!