Monday, June 15, 2009

Not me Monday!

I haven't done a not me Monday in a while, and I figured it was about that time!

I'm sure that most of you know about our journey out in Texas and we were so glad to get home. But it has really been hard to get into the swing of things again, i'm so used to haveing just Dylon. So to keep my kids entertained, I did not fill a bubble maker up with some bubble bath because we ran out of the "real" stuff and let it run for hours at the time, at least it made my house smell like blueberries! I also did not attempt to "fix" our lawnmowers by kicking them, I would never do that, I mean besides we live on a busy road there is no telling who would see me do such a childish thing. I also did not call my dad to see if he had a mower I could borrow from his shop, and I also did not borrow it only to make one of the tires go flat. My family is a "tractor" family, I would never have such bad tractor luck! I also did not bribe my kids with icecream sandwiches just so they would eat their lunch, my kids are such healthy eathers! I also didn't convince Laeton Reid who at the time had a stinky diaper to go find his daddy and tell him "I Stink", only so I wouldn't have to change him. I also did not hide behind the door, while I watched Laeton Reid tell his daddy he stinks and start lauging so hard I had to go to another room. What kind of mom tells her one year old to do that, Not I!!

I hope you enjoyed My Not Me Monday, i'm sure I could do one every day~!

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Aunt Marilyn said...

As long as you can laugh at yourself, you are having a good day!
love ya,