Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hotel Atlast!

We have made it to our hotel room and are trying to settle down for the night! Dylon is doing really good with his pain management. He is just so tough. We will have a CT scan done on Thursday and then Friday we will see the cardiologist. As long as those clear we will be flying back, thats right I said flying. Another Andalusian donated his private plane to come and get us. We can never thank you enough. We will be flying out on Sunday.
I have such mixed emotions about going home and not being around TCH, but it's still knowing that God is in control of Dylon.

Thanks for all the prayers and phonecalls and messages, they have been what has gotten us through this. I love ya'll so much!

Oh I must send a special thank you to Crystal who's daughter had open heart surgery two weeks ago at TCH by the same Doctor. Crystal thank you so much for that sweet card, Dylon loved it and kept saying Bentley's mom, we prayed over Bentley's surgery together, and he looked at all her pics. It really helped prepare him for his surgery.
Also thank you to Aunt Tricia and Uncle Keith for their sweet card and uplifting note!
And Straughn Elementary School who sent Dylon a Care Bear card, he loved it!

Dylon and his cards and a drawing by Houston, his twin.
I also have to respond to a comment on the last post. Aunt Marilyn, Dylon has come up with a name for your baby mule.....Diego! Diego is his favorite cartoon character, but also has a great meaning, Diego in English means one who supplants, but if you trace it back to Biblical day, in hebrew it is may he protect.


Dave and Mandi said...

This has been an amazing journey to witness. I'm glad it is all documented for Dylon and the rest of the family to look back on one day. Houston was so excited about drawing that picture for Dylon. He put a lot of heart into it. Be sure to tell Dylon that I think Diego is a fantastic name for the baby mule.

LaVerne said...

It is such an inspiration to log into your blog everyday, just to see and hear about another miracle of God. He is working "all things for your good!" I think that most of all Shelli, I love seeing the faith that you have totally placed in God! It is such an encouragement to me!

Brysmommy, Kenswifey said...

What an AWESOME post to read this morning! I pray for that sweet smile to continue! He looks so GREAT! Praise God! Your family is in my families prayers!!! So glad you have an airplane coming to get you!

Anonymous said...

WOW! God at work is simply amazing:)

Tiffany Lockette said...

Way to go Dylon!! Super proud of your strength. Keep it up!

Jatricia C Pugh said...

Good Morning!
What great news!!! Dylon looks so good that it is difficult to realize that he had such extensive surgery only a week ago. We see evidence again of the power of prayer and God's goodness to us!! I would think that Dylon feels better since his heart is functioning properly, and when he recovers from the surgery, you will notice a remarkable difference in him. He will be full of energy, but he won't have to push so hard to be active with his brothers. I'm glad that you have a few more days to be near the hospital and doctors before you fly home. All this is very remarkable to us, and we are amazed!! We are glad for your blogspot so that we can be informed and know how to pray for the daily situation.
Aunt Tricia and Uncle Keith

Aunt Marilyn said...

Thank you so much for the great name for my baby mule... Diego is perfect!! I also love it's meaning!!
Molly it's Mommy, is really BIG and FAT!! She should have her new baby in about two weeks... By then, you will feel all better and be able to come visit and pet it! Blossom will also need you to pet her some, so she want feel left out! Blossom will be a big sister when the baby is born...
You can help me feed her an apple. It's her favorite snack. It will make her feel really special too!
I'm so glad you are able to stay at the hotel with Mommy and Daddy this week... It will be kinda like a special vacation.

Waiting until Sunday, and flying home, sounds really good!! It will be soooo much better than the long, long drive... I'll see you real soon.
I love you a BUNCH!
Aunt Marilyn

Crystal said...

AWWW!!! So glad he liked the card!! =)

I just love all the pictures, it is so crazy because I know exactly where you are in each of them. So happy that he is doing so well!! Can't wait for the next update.

Still praying!!!