Sunday, June 7, 2009

quick post

THis is me (behind the pic) and Dylon on our way down from CVCU! He was excited!

We have had a buisy day...Dylon was finally moved to the 15th floor which is the recovery floor. He is doing really, really good. He has just amazed me with his cooperation with the Doctors and nurses. Imagine a three year old having all these wires and lines and I.V.'s hooked up to them and not complaining about it, Not once. We believe it is just answered prayers that Dylon has been so calm about everything. Thank you for all of your prayers.

Dylon still has his chest tube in right now, but they plan on getting it out tomorrow morning. I have been told that this is really painful for him and will be the most painful thing pre-op. Aside from that he is slowly but surely becoming the spunky little Dylon we all know. I don't have any idea on how long we will be on this floor and before we go home. I can't wait to see my other bambino's, I really miss them.

The day of surgery we had some visitors from Andalusia, my boys just love the Abbie, Ella Grace and Caroline Wood. They drew Dylon some precious pictures and he just smiled really big when I told him who drew these for him. We love you Wood family!
We have really been blessed with such wonderful nurses and Doctors, I highly recomend Texas Children's Hospital. We even had a few nurses from Alabama, which was nice. We could relate and understand each other with our southern accents! Everyone here is very friendly, and have exceeded my expectations. Thanks to everyone who has helped us to get here. You have played a huge part in my beautiful sons life, I will be eternally grateful to for that!
We love ya'll

this is the edible arrangement that we received, it's Delicious!
In his banana pj's, they snap all the way up, so he can wear this. He is very sensitive of letting people see his chest from the sternatomy. So we make sure to always have something over it.
Don't you just love that smile?


Dave and Mandi said...

It's so good to see his sweet smiling face! I just love him so much. The Woods were so excited about their visit. I love those sweet little girls too.
The cell phone was cutting out on me and Matt yesterday, but I was trying to tell him that the Pages are on their way today. I gave them both of your cell numbers, and they have the package with Dylon's pj's and a present from Houston.

Love you! We can't wait for the big homecoming!!!

PS-I have always wanted one of those edible arrangements. That beats flowers any day!

Tiffany Lockette said...

I am so glad that he is doing so good. I hope he continues to exceed expecatations and that he recovers smoothly so he can go home and you can see your other bambenos. I know you look forward to that day! I will keep up my prayers for Dylon and for your family.

marilyn brooks said...

He is so beautiful, but it kills my heart to see that big tube coming out of his little chest... He is such a champ, handling all this... Thank God, the worst is behind him.. What about setting up skype Cams,(on laptops) so the boys can have video/audio chats? For MOM, too!! I've got it on my laptop.. I've never used it, but I'm sure we can figure it out!
Let me know.. Love yall Bunches!!!!!
Aunt Marilyn