Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Morning!

Just letting you know that Dylon has had a great night, he is doing really good. They are talking about extubating him sometime today. Possibly taking out his chest tube tomorrow. He looks really good. They are still monitering his pressures and look about the same. Also monitering pain management and trying to come off of some of his pain medicine. As my husband said "let the games begin"!
There are so many families who's kids are suffering from CHD'(congential heart defects) so please say a pray for these families. Thank you all so much for the prayers and comments, it really lifts our spirits to have so many people praying for our little Dylon!
Love Ya'll!


Anonymous said...

He is such an incredible little boy and he is soo lucky to have such wonderful parents! God is awesome and prayers have been answered! I will continue to pray for a quick recovery and strength for the whole family! God Bless You All!!

Saundra Perrett

Jatricia C Pugh said...

We are so thankful that Dylon's surgery went well, and we are praying for a quick, complete recovery. We hope you have a good weekend as Dylon's healing process begins. It is difficult to see your precious little one undergo such a complicated procedure, but he is a brave little boy. Be assured that the Lord is carrying him in his tender loving arms just as He is helping you through this crisis. We love you, and our thoughts and prayers are with you continually. Uncle Keith and Aunt Tricia