Saturday, June 6, 2009


So I am not an elevator fan, at all. And around 10:00 every night at Texas Children's, they practically shut the elevators down except for parents or Docs or nurses. So last night we (me, hubby, my mom) decided we would take shifts on caring for Dylon. Matt was first and @ 12 he would be relieved by my mom and she would stay for 2 hrs and then I would come in and relieve her. Everything had gone as planned, and it was my turn to relieve my mom from the CVCU. They give out these little badges to wear after 10:00 so we can access the elevators, I asked if there was anything else we needed to do to access them and the "kind" lady said "NO!" So I get on the elevator the doors close and press 18, this is where the CVCU is (we are taking breaks on the 17 floor). The number lights up only for a second and doesnt stay lit, the elevator doesn't move an inch. I pressed 17 again, my heart is pounding by this time and I am starting to panic, but the elevator is still not recognizing my punching of the numbers. I pressed open door button, but still nothing. I try to find the call button, but there wasnt one, all there was was a fire bell...didn't like the thought of setting off the fire alarms, so I finally thought that if it would take me anywere possibly the first I press it and IT stayed lit..and started to move. Thank God as soon as those doors started to open, im running out, wabbly legs, shaking hands and all. I go right to the security desk and a policeman kindly shows me that one must put the badge given by the (17th floor) in front of this little black square with a light, wait for it to turn green and then press the floor that we want to access. I never had anymore problems, looks like the desk clerk on the 17th floor could've told me that...guess she thought I needed some excitement ;)

On another not, Dylon is doing fantastic. Possibly move to the 15th floor tomorrow. He still has three lines (one in each hand and on in his neck)and the one in his neck which is used for taking med's has to come out before we can go to a regular floor. He smiled a really big smile for me last night, which was so comforting and is eating and drinking good.

My mom and I are sitting with him today and Matt is gone to the hotel to take a well deserved nap. You know how I was talking about how we did shifts last night, well Matt slept through his shift that was suppose to let me get some rest, so as soon as my mom came in, I went the 17th floor and woke Matt up and he was really sorry for sleeping through his shift and said something like (that was nice of me to do that) and winked at the same time. Whatever! But that was ok, because I went to our temporary home and took a hot shower and slept for 5 continuous hours. It was marvelous!

Oh we also got a little suprise this morning from B. He sent us an edible arrangement. It looks so delicious and can't wait to dive into it. Thank You B. We love You and Miss You.

If you are wondering what my other babes are doing you can check it out on MiMi's blog or Aunt SuSu's blog! Thank you guys for taking such marvelous care of my little ducklings! I'm sure that they will be completely and totally rotten when I get back, and I'm okay with that. They deserve every little bit of spoiling that they get!

Thanks Again for all the prayers and concerns!

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Tiffany Lockette said...

I am so glad Dylon is doing so good. I will continue to pray for him and for your family. You all are such an inspiration.