Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Released to Houston Area

Just a quick update to let you know that we are being released today to the Houston area. However, we had an echo yesterday and it showed that there was a little bit of fluid around his heart. I have been told that this is expected from a child with the type of surgery that he has had. The doc's are not worried, but I am. Dylon will just be treated with motrin in the hotel room. We will then come back on Thursday and have a sedated CT scan. As long as this shows normal, then we will be able to come home on the weekend. We will probably be driving b/c the personal plane that flew us out here is out of town. I have looked into a commercial flight, but Dylon can't be around large groups of people like airports, church, school and release papers even said family reunions! I don't think I'll be able to keep my large family from loving on him. So anyway I am trying to find a rental car place locally and hopefully we will be back to a new normal over the weekend. This new normal is going to be so hard for Dylon and Houston. We just can't wait to get back. Well actually Im kind of nervous about being 9 hrs away from this incredibly hospital but they promised me that if anything changed with Dylon they would fly someone out to Alabama to get him. So please pray that the fluid goes away b/c there are so many dangerous things that could happen if the fluid progresses! The doc has told me everything to look out for, so also pray that I would be able to see the signs of infection if the fluid does progress!
THank You!
Love ya'll!


Lindsey said...

Happy to hear that y'all are able to leave the hospital so quickly! Praying that the fluid is totally gone by Thursday!

Kristin said...

Keeping you in my prayers!

Aunt Marilyn said...

Follow your Mom's intuition!! If you'd feel better if yall stayed a few more days in Houston, then Do IT!! A few more days, WANT HURT A THING! And it will give Dylon a little longer for the soreness to get better, before being with the boys... I can keep Laeton and Houston if you need me to... Yall are in a nice Hotel, relax, get some well needed rest!
Yall will have the next 15 years with all your boys at home together, at least until the boys leave for college!! Ha
It will be here before you know it!!
Enjoy every minute now, time adds up quickly!!
If Dylon's chest feels anything like mine did, after my accident, every tiny movement of the car will be really tough... My ribs wasn't even broke, just bruised badly... But they felt like they were in a hundred tiny broken pieces...
Please don't be rushed!! Follow your Heart!! There will be plenty of time later, for everyone to enjoy Dylon.
I love yall bunches..

Tell Dylon, Aunt Marilyn will have a new mule baby soon... Tell Dylon I need him to start thinking of a name for it!!

Keep Praying that Every Cell and Every Tissue, in Dylon's body, is working to God's perfection!!
Love yall,
Aunt Marilyn