Friday, June 5, 2009


Dylon is still recovering. He is doing good. Dylon just got his chocolate milk. He ate some Jello and so far so good, he held everything down. His pulse ox. is lower than they want...they thought he had a collapsed lung, but xray showed he didnt, he just has a lot of "junk" in his lungs. So we are doing some lung excercises, like blowing bubbles and blowing pinwheels. They are going to draw some blood and check his blood gases soon. Please pray that his ox. sats go up.

ps the machine that you are seeing is a soothing has really been great, it plays classical music and projects images like fish and animals onto the wall. We hung Houston and Laeton's photo's on it!

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Crystal said...

Still praying for you guys!!! What an amazing little fighter you have on your hands!!!