Friday, June 12, 2009

Great Report Today!!

We went to TCH this morning and talked with Dylon's cardiologist Dr.S. Dr.S said that he doesn't expect Dylon to ever need surgery again. This is such great news. We also got to see some pictures of Dylon's "new" heart. I am just blown away at how different it looks from before surgery. He basically has a normal looking heart. We still have to monitor the fluid around his heart, but we will do it locally. We will come back to TCH in about a year and then as long as everything still looks good, then we will only need to come every two or three years. We are coming home tomorrow around 9:30, and we cannot wait to get back to Andalusia.
This is the old Aorta with all the twists and turns...
This is the newly improved, looks like a normal aorta!


Summer Reaves said...

So glad to hear about the good report. I know you are so ready to be home with Dylon and reunited with your other boys.Oh yeah.... Lee is going to be one of the pilots flying out to bring y'all home. So you are in good hands.
Much love,

Aunt Marilyn said...

Father God, we are truly
We Love You!!!!

The Coleman's said...

This is such good news! You are blessed!