Thursday, June 11, 2009

Results of Sedated CT scan!

We just got back from TCH and are very excited about the results. The testing went good, they decided to do an I.V. in his foot instead of his hand, and it made for a horrible 5 minutes of poking to get the I.V. started. I hope that this is the last of I.V.'s that we have for a really,really, really, really long time.

After the testing, Dr.S came out to the waiting room and spoke to me and Matt for little bit. He said that all the repairs are looking really strong and good. Just what we wanted to hear! He does still have some fluid around his heart, but doesn't look like the fluid has progressed. We will meet with Dr.S tomorrow morning and discuss more of the fluid. Dr.S also said that we might do a possible Echo tomorrow just to double check the fluid. Some tests show a better view of the fluids than other tests. Along with seeing Dr.S we will also have an X-ray and of course blood pressures on all legs and arms. Blood pressure should be the same on all four, or atleast close. Before the surgery, his upper body had high blood pressure and his lower body had really low blood pressure. But we are believing that our Great Physician has taken care of this...Great Physician meaning God.

We can't wait to get back to Home sweet Home, but we also know that this road is not over. We will never get back to life as we knew it, but we gladly welcome this new life with the acknowledgement of Dylon's "newer" heart. When we were released from TCH Tuesday, they sent a list of things we cannot do for atleast 4 weeks. I will try and list most of them just for your knowledge and for our close family and friends.
~no picking him up from underneath his arms, one must hold him like a baby to pick him up. The reason for this is to not put any pressure on his sternom.
~he is not allowed at grocery stores, church, school, family reunions for 2-4 weeks. This is b/c he was put on the heart lung bypass machine during surgery, and doing that results in really low immune system. This helps prevent infection.
~he cannot pick anything up over 5 pnds. He also cannot play on swingsets, jungle gyms, or anything he could fall from and hit his chest.
~he cannot go swimming for 2 months.
~ he cannot get a bath for 4 weeks.
~he cannot ride anything such as a bycicle or any ride on toys.

So as you can see we are going to have our hands full with trying to prevent any injury to his sternom. Just knowing my boys, they love to play hard and this will be an adjustment. I have also been told that my two boys at home: Houston and Laeton Reid are extremely spoiled, so if anyone will volunteer to do like baby boot camp with them before we get back, it would greatly help our homecoming ;)
Thanks again for everything!



That is wonderful news!! i didnt realize what dylon would be limited to! i bet that is going to be hard for everyone not to hold and hug him real tight! i cant wait to see you guys when you return home!! we will see you soon!

Marilyn Brooks said...

So Glad to hear!
love yall!