Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a mighty God we serve!!

Today was a very, very long and trying day. But the outcome couldn't have been better. Dylon is doing good. We all are taking a quick nap. So far his blood pressure which was high, has started to balance out, so they are lowering the amount of meds for his blood pressure. He is still asleep, and will be until sometime tomorrow. We got to see him about an hour after surgery, he looked really good. He was hooked up to about 6 different machines. He is still on a breathing machine, and it is doing 50% of the work for him. He is also still recieving blood. He also still has a chest tube. It will be a couple of days before all of this is out. Dylon is just so strong and I couldn't be prouder of him. I am just in awe of his strength.

We thank God for this miracle and know that none of it would even be possible without him. Thank You God for such an amazing little boy.

Thank you all for the prayers, we are just blown away by all of this!

We love ya'll!

ps I hope you enjoy the picture of one of God's miracle's!


Crystal said...

I am in tears!! I am so glad everything went smoothly!! God is good. Still praying.. please let me know if you need anything.

Dave and Mandi said...

I'm in tears too! I just enlarged the picture and VicVic explained to me what every tube and machine was. She could even read the info on the monitors. We're sitting here bored, waiting on the boys to wake up. I'm going to work on a post righ now!Love yall!

Vicki said...

God Bless you all. Yes, Dylon is a brave and strong little boy.....but he also has very brave, strong and faithful parents. Many prayers going your way. Love you guys so much.